• Oct 24, 2016 New Strata Develop
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    New developments create endless possibilities that have the power to define the growth of our great nation. It’s our privilege to help build strong and sustainable communities by working with developers to shape the future of our cities.

    We understand the importance of each stage of development. We assist developers from planning, through construction, sales of the suites, occupancy and finally the turnover to the owners.


    From market analysis to due diligence we have the in-house expertise to research, analyze and recommend sound strategies for success. We offer our clients individualized service. Our flexibility and structure is such that clients can choose the level of involvement they want to retain through the development process.


    We offer a wide array of consulting services to our developers. We offer everything from market analysis, risk assessments and establishing insurance coverage. We also have the capacity to review both designs and finishes, as well as preparing your operating and capital budgets.

    disclosure-statement-gDisclosure Statement

    We will prepare the interim Operating Budget, which will include determining the condominium / strata fees for each unit. We also review all the proposed by-laws and make the recommendations we believe will benefit and enhance operations. Lastly, we review and assist in establishing easement and cost sharing agreements.


    We will assist in preparing a budget and extrapolating costs to determine cost allocation to each of the respective air parcels. Siegle Properties has some of the latest sophisticated accounting and A/P software systems. We will also amend budgets for each phase as required for the Disclosure Statement.

    service-contract-gService Contracts

    We will obtain quotes and set up new contracts for the maintenance and service work. This includes: Monitoring & Fire Services, Security, Janitorial, Concierge Services, Elevators, Emergency Generators, Garage doors, HVAC, Waste Removal, Landscaping, Recycling and Snow Removal.

    caretaker-gResident Managers and Caretakers

    If needed, Siegle Properties will assist in hiring of Resident Managers or Caretakers through advertising, shortlisting and interviewing prospective candidates. Our Human Resources Department will ensure that the proper information is received from the candidates and proper documents are filed.


    To ensure your insurance is properly in place we order a replacement value appraisal and establish coverage through our national broker to ensure you are receiving the best available rates.

    after-development-gAfter Development

    Once 50% +1 of the strata lots have been conveyed we will start the arrangements for the first AGM within the first 6 weeks. The Property Managers will perform regular walk through to identify common area deficiencies and provide a detailed list to you.

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